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Our Services

Norcal Color Supply is pleased to provide professional color matching. We offer two levels of color matching. Level one involves using our state of the art "spectrophotometer", or as we call it our "color camera". The second offering includes color matching to exacting standards using all of our color tools, including draw down, and spray-outs to ensure the closest possible color match.

Check out this web tool to see just some of the many colors we can make for you! SpectraMaster

Shop Services

So are you interested in growth? Are you interested in improving your business? Well so are we. Let us show you how we mean business! Look to Norcal Color Supply to be the leader in the automotive industry. If saving production time in your shop sounds appealing then give us a call so we can provide you time saving tips. With tools like our cabinet inventory control program you can have your technicians working rather than waiting for supplies.