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Company Profile

                              Norcal Color Supply, Inc.

                              4991 Eastside Road

                              Redding, CA  96002


Automotive Quailty Paints


Axalta's ChromaBase has been delivering quality repairs since 1989 and is the leading brand for basecoat clearcoat repairs.  More shops use ChromaBase than any single brand of basecoat.  ChromaBase is OEM Approved and is backed by an unbeatable warranty program.

Axalta ChromaBase is a basecoat of exceptional value for quality, ease of use, productivity and appearance.  ChromaBase delivers trouble free application, fast dry and reliable quality for basecoat repairs in solid, metallic, pearl and special effect colors.

The easy application and flake control translates to excellent spot repair capabiltiy. What could be more important than the ability to perform repairs that are not detectable?

Fleet Painting


How about the Unbeatable Axalta Imron Elite paint line?  This is the paint being used in the majority of all Heavy Duty Truck manufacturers plants,  which is why you need this paint for all Warranty repairs!  No one can match the precise colors and flakes in the Imron Elite paint line.

Looking for paint for your trailers and accessories?  Look to the Imron Industrial line.  All of the popular Imron colors have been matched in this lower cost yet high quality urethane single stage paint. 



We also offer Axalta's Aviation line for painting aircraft. Learn more here